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HIT & Run was a boutique style fitness studio designed for optimal workouts in a short amount of time.

The owner was a retired police officer with a passion for health and fitness. She wanted her brand to emulate a lifestyle that indulged the fitness enthusiast and met the needs of the on-the-go everyday person.

Branding included: Logo design and style including color usage, fonts and photography.

Business Cards, Signage, Website Design and a Monthly Social Media Marketing Plan to attract and grow her desired fitness community.


Kim & Bryana found me via WellWomen on Facebook! I was delighted to hear of their endeavors in opening their own counseling practice in Virginia Beach & Eastern Shore.

They brilliantly chose the name and tagline, "Wholehearted - Own Your Story", which reflects the theme & vision for their practice.

They wanted families & clients to feel welcome and unashamed and to leave more whole and healthy - owning their story.

With warm grays, lilac and a soft icy blue, the brand colors are an extension of their vision.

The symbol created was inspired from nature and growth, asymmetrically creating a heart. The font styling were modern, yet welcoming, professional, yet warm.



With a longtime family symbol of the pineapple, Denton Realty wanted to take the old and make it relevant for today. By updating the font style, color usage and effects on the logo, Rev Creative took an old idea and made it modern and timeless.

From brochures, to PowerPoints, Business Cards and Letterhead Design, The Denton Realty brand is ready for a come back!


NLB Tactical had everything going for it -  a dynamic owner and teacher, proven and measurable training and an honorable community! All it needed was a little [rev]ing up to communicate visually what it's clients and customers were experiencing.

From Logo Design, Website Header, Business Cards, Promotional Folders and Handouts, to Graphic Tee's - Rev Creative took this Brand to the NEXT level.


True Skin, Pure & Simple Skincare was a branding job for a childhood friend!

She wanted something feminine and soft, that provoked a natural and simple mindset, just like her skincare service would provide.

Brand encompasses the full logo, a 2nd initial logo, color palette and a business card design to give out to her clients.

Celebrating the start of your new business with the right branding sends a message that you care and  provide quality from day one. Attract the right clients and target market with a brand that is as unique as you!